Painting 1 - Sketchbook Paintingbook Assignments Staple or Tape this into your Sketchbook


Mr. Korb


You will be turning in a paintingbook assignment every week. Each time you turn in your book, you will be turning in one painting. This will continue throughout the semester. If you fail to turn in a painting in on time, it (and a second painting of the exact same assignment) must be turned in the very next day PRIOR to 7:25am! If you miss one painting, it wont hurt your grade much, but let them build up and you will be very lucky if you get a decent quarter grade. A tray of watercolors and colored pencils for you to use in the sketchbook and in your preliminary works is required. See Syllabus for more information. Please do them in the order they appear on this.


1. Be as creative as possible and paint whatever youd like.

2. Create an abstract nonrepresentational watercolor representing a memory or current event that is important to you.

3. Find an artwork of a past artist (from an art history book or periodical). What about his or her work would you change? Recreate the artwork, in watercolor, in the way you would have created it.

4. Choose an object that has a deep sentimental meaning to you. Please spend time and think about why it is important. Using colors to represent your feelings, please draw the object and try to show those feelings in your drawing.

5. Texture - Please find a very smooth and a very coarse object. Close your eyes and carefully examine them with your hands. How do they feel? Zoom in very close with your eyes and please create a painting of the very coarse object - fill the page with your open composition painting.

6. Value - With your watercolors, please create a 2x2 absolute black box on your page. Next to the black box, draw another 2x2 box and leave it white. Under these 2 boxes, draw a 2x6 box with absolute black on one end and absolute white on the other - between them I want you to create a smooth and consistent change in value from the black to the white with grays. Now choose a color and do the same to represent the different values you can obtain with the tints and shades.

7. Find a piece of fruit. Notice its color? I want you to paint that piece of fruit, on a plate with a napkin covering a portion of the plate. Make this as realistic or as expressive as youd like, no middle ground here go all the way!

Quarter Break

8. Reflection and transparency - Find a transparent and an opaque object. Notice how they both reflect light, and how the transparent one bends the light that is coming through it. Paint them both - all by themselves and big on your page. Give each one a separate page please. Make sure, however, that you also create the cast shadows to give it a figure ground relationship.



9. Wherever you are when you sit down to do this one, look directly in front of you. (Not down at this page but up and forward.) What do you see? Paint it.

10. Paint your favorite chair.

11. Using ONLY line, and in sharpie marker, render a still life of 6 objects. Please do not include value in any way shape or form. Over the top of the marker, using watercolor or glazes of acrylics, add color to this artwork.

12. Using ONLY values of color, render a still life of 6 objects. Please do not include line in any way shape or form. (Sounds familiar, yet slightly different to an earlier assignment, doesnt it?)

13. A collage is, according to the American Heritage Dictionary is: n. An artistic composition of materials and objects pasted over a surface. [Fr. < coller, to glue.] By using collage, please create a composition of people interacting in an environment. When you are done with the collage, incorporate paint to tie the work together and to add additional depth and meaning to it.

14. By using ABSOLUTE randomness, find three words in a book, magazine or dictionary. What are your three words? Do they relate? Do they have absolutely no sense of connection whatsoever? With the below words, please create a composition that will use these words as the title. Good Luck!

Please write your words here:

A. B. C.

15. Please create a painting of someone who has been influential to you or your world or the world in general. Who are some of the important people in society (good or bad people...)?

16. Create a cartoon and use it to sum up your experience over the past year Painting: Watercolor and Acrylics. How many characters? How many panels? What did you learn from this art experience? Create this is color!