Kindle/Nook Club Resources

Lending books  --  I am a member of this one – May not be lendable = the kiss of death  --  Kindle, Ipad, and Blackberry only

              And only  ‘lendable’ books. – Kindle, Ipad, or Blackberry only  but they pay you to lend books


Overdrive – Library – only for Ipad, blackberry—no Kindle or Nook


Free E-books – Where do we get them?

Daily Free Ebooks for kindles

Free Nook books and Free Fridays for B&N Nook

225 Free E-books – mostly classics



Calibre  -  Manages and converts media for your device

         Demo, borrow a book from Overdrive and then upload and convert it with this program converting the book to an ADE and then send it to the Nook.