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In Honor Of/In Memory Of Book Program


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In Honor Of: What better way to honor someone who pays a special role in your life! Commemorate a child or loved one on his/her birthday, a teacher who has made a difference, a sweetheart on Valentine's Day, or an anniversary of a special event. All are easily made special by the gift of a book.


In Memory Of: A book in memory of a person who was dear to you is a lasting gift of love and respect. You may choose subject matter that was special to that person. Favorite pets can be remembered in this way as well.


Each gift will be identified on a bookplate inside the book.


The benefit of this program is that it not only allows you to honor a special person/event in your life, but also enables the WUHS library to have a greater number of popular and favorite titles available for student circulation.


To participate in this program, contact the WUHS library at 262-534-3189 and ask for either Kelly Sereno (Library Media Specialist, ext. 566) or Mary Kacmarcik (Library Assistant, ext. 565) OR print out the following form and fill in the appropriate information.

Your Name: ____________________________________________________________

E-mail address: __________________________________________________________

Address: _______________________________________________________________

City: ______________ State __________ Zip Code _________ Phone _____________

In Memory Of __________________________________________________________

In Honor Of ____________________________________________________________

Do you know of a title that you would like us to purchase?_________

If so, what title?____________________________________________

Price ____________

If you would like us to select the title, what particular subjects would commemorate this person best? ___________________________________________________________

Approximate price range you are looking to spend _____________________________


*Please make checks payable to Waterford Union High School